Big List of Cheap Dedicated Server start from $4 USD

We all know, low cost devoted server hosting seems like an oxymoron. The highest flooring of the hosting high-rise is often reserved for high-powered enterprises with massive calls for for bandwidth, knowledge storage, and computing energy. Simply since you want additional oomph in your {hardware}, nevertheless, doesn’t imply you could break open the piggy financial institution.

Devoted servers are precisely what they sound like: The server’s whole assets are dedicated to powering your website or utility with the utmost efficiency, processing energy, and storage. The vital funding pays dividends once you discover hosting Providers that deliver essentially the most worth to their devoted server packages.

Here are the Big List of Cheap Dedicated Server start from $4 USD :-

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ProviderPrice / MonthlyCPURamStorageBandwidth €8.99 1x Intel® C2350 4GB 1TB 1Gbps / Unmetered
ServerMania $70 Intel E3 1240 V3 32GB 500GB SSD 1Gbps / Unmetered
Hetzner $24.37 Intel Core i7-2600 16GB 6TB 1Gbps / Unmetered
Velia(GoDaddy) 69.00€ Intel Xeon E3-1280 v6 32GB 2TB 1Gbps / Unmetered
SoYouStart 34.99€ AMD Opteron 4334 32GB 8TB 250Mbps / Unmetered
OVH $71.99 Intel Xeon E3-1245v5 32GB 500GB 250Mbps / Unmetered
Kimsufi $4.99 Intel Atom D425 2GB 500GB 100Mbps / Unmetered
Wholesale Internet $20.00 Dual Core Atom 2GB 500GB 100Mbps / Unmetered
OneProvider 8.99 € Atom C2350 4GB 1TB 1Gbps / Unmetered
HomepageUniverse $30.00 1Core processor 1GB 50GB 1Gbps / Unmetered
Nocix $25.00 AMD Quadcore 16GB 120GB SSD + 2TB SATA Capacity 1Gbps / 1TB
Dedimax 6,99€ VIA NANO U2250 2GB 160GB 1Gbps / Unmetered 9,99 € Intel pentium J2900 8GB 1TB 100Mbps / Unmetered
FirstHeberg 9,99 € ATOM Intel 4GB 1TB 1Gbps / Unmetered
Digicube 10,99 € AMD Zacate E-240 2GB 500GB 100Mbps / Unmetered $24.40 Celeron Dual Core E1200 2GB 160GB 100Mbps / Unmetered
Volumedrive $19.95 AMD Athlon X2 4200 4GB 250GB 100 Mbps / 8,000 GB
Euserv 15.47 € Intel Celeron J1800 4GB 1TB 100Mbps / Unmetered 8,99 € Intel(R) Atom(TM) 2GB 1TB 1000Mbps / 2 TB
Forpsi CZK 450 Atom DC 2GB 250GB 100Mbps / Unmetered
UAunit $ 20 Celeron J1900 8GB 120 GB SSD 100Mbps / Unmetered
Servdiscount 14,99 € Intel Atom S1260 8GB 500GB 1Gbps / Unmetered 10.00 € AMD X2 250 2GB 500GB 100Mbps / 10TB
Gmhost $60.00 /mo Xeon E5520 24GB 500GB SSD 100Mbps / Unmetered

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