Learn How to Install XAMPP on Linux Mint 19

How to Install XAMPP on Linux Mint 19

Install XAMPP on Linux Mint

Apache Friends has developed XAMPP which stands for Cross-Platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. By using this software you can test your web applications on your local system.  Mostly XAMPP used on Windows machines but some packages are also available for Linux Mint. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to install XAMPP on Linux Mint 19.


Before you start to install XAMPP on Linux Mint 19. You must have the non-root user account on your server/desktop with sudo privileges.

Install the netstat required by XAMPP running following command.

sudo apt install net-tools

Install XAMPP

First, you should visit XAMPP download page and download XAMPP script. At the time writing this tutorial the latest XAMPP version is 7.3.0. You can visit their download page if the new version is available.
To download XAMPP run following command in the terminal:

sudo wget https://downloadsapachefriends.global.ssl.fastly.net/7.3.0/xampp-linux-x64-7.3.0-0-installer.run?from_af=true

Now make the downloaded file executable by setting permissions to file:

sudo chmod +x xampp-linux-x64-7.3.0-0-installer.run

After setting up the permission run the file using the following command.

sudo ./xampp-linux-x64-7.3.0-0-installer.run

You will get the following screen then click on next.

Welcome To XAMPP setup Wizard
Welcome To XAMPP setup Wizard

Now it will ask you to select components to install, it is recommended to leave it as default and click on Next.

Select the components
Select the components

In this step, you will be informed of the location where the XAMPP setup is going to be installed. Click on Next

Informing XAMPP installtion location
Informing XAMPP installtion location

Now it will ask you to install sponsored applications such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. You can uncheck checkbox if you don’t want these applications should be installed. Then click on Next button.

Sponsored Applications
Sponsored Applications

Now you should click on Next button.

Ready to install XAMPP
Ready to install XAMPP

Here the installation process is started.

Installation Process
Installation Process

After completing installation click on Finish to complete the setup.

Finish Setup
Finish Setup

Start and Verify XAMPP installation

Stating XAMPP in Linux Mint is very much easy. To start XAMPP form terminal on Linux Mint run following command.

$ sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

Now visit http://localhost/ to see XAMPP output screen.

To visit PHPMyAdmin visit following link http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

Login to PHPMyAdmin
Login to PHPMyAdmin


Uninstall XAMPP

To uninstall XAMPP first navigate to /opt/lampp directory.

cd /opt/lampp

Now start uninstallation process running following command:


Now you will be prompted to confirm uninstalling XAMPP. Click on Yes to uninstall XAMPP.

After completing the Uninstallation process run following command to remove /opt/lampp directory.

sudo rm -r /opt/lampp


You have successfully learned how to install XAMPP on Linux Mint 19. If you have any queries regarding this then please don’t forget to comment below.

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