Get up to $100K USD Credit for Google Cloud Platform

Start and scale with Google Cloud

Build your startup with the infrastructure and tools used by Google. The Google Cloud for Startups program is designed to grow with you. Your early-stage startup can take advantage of community events, training, and Cloud credits as you build and scale your business.

Apply for the Google Cloud for Startups Program, you can get from $3000 to $100,000 worth of Google Cloud Credit.

Qualified startups

  • Have received no more than a Series A funding round
  • Are less than five years old
  • Are based in an approved territory
  • Have not previously received Cloud credits outside of the free-tier offering

Get Up To $100k in Google Cloud Credits

Cloudflare Apps makes it easy to get what you build installed, but building a great app also requires great infrastructure.

Google Cloud offers an industry-leading platform of computation, storage, and analysis tools to developers around the world. Cloudflare is proud to be partnering with Google to offer app developers like you up to $100,000 in free Google Cloud credits to support the apps you build.

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